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This website is intended to be the gateway to all of our websites covering our interests. It will also link to many other sites which complement our own sites. This site has been recently updated to work better on smaller devices e.g. phones, tablets, etc. It's about time too.

Cowzer Family History

This site is an attempt to uncover the family history of the cowzers. Apparently all the cowzers in Dublin are descended from Thomas Cowzer(married 1879) who we believed came from Belfast, but recently we have made contact with Doreen Cowzer(last of the cowzer name in Belfast) who is in possession of the family bible, and this has traced the cowzers back to John Cowzer (born 1813) and who lived in Kildare, where Thomas was actually born. This exercise has literally led me all over the world - a fascinating journey. Read more about the family here.

My Vintage Racing Bike

I owned a Toyota MR2 Sports Car for 11 years from about the year 2000 (this constituted my mid-life crisis), subsequently I decided that a late life crisis was in order, so I decided to build a vintage bicycle to use in an event in Italy for old bikes and old guys - L'eroica (haven't gone there yet). This involved buying a 1980 Peugeot CFX-10 racing bike frame and building it up with appropriate period correct components. It was both challenging and good fun. I learned a lot in the process and am now rewarded with a fabulous bike. Read more about the restoration here.

My Other Old(ish) Bikes

Encouraged by my efforts with Peugeot bike, when I retired I started out buying and restoring a few other bikes. At one stage I had about 12 of them. I'm still doing it although I have less now. I even have a bamboo bike, the frame of which I built myself (from a kit). There are some crazy stories in this tale, like when I bought an old bike on Ebay, just before Christmas and then went and bought a bundle of 4 old bikes a week later through Facebook. Read more about the bike story here.


Covid-19 reared it's head in 2020 and confined us to the immediate locality during many lockdowns, My local park, Tymon Park, where I walked regularly became very popular and I found a Facebook group based on the park. This had marvellous photos of the birds, wildlife, and plants and I was motivated into taking my camera and zoom lens and rediscovering my interest in birdwatching. Having taken lots of photos and distilling them into a select collection, I thought I'd add them up here. Organised by year - starting 2021. See my photo collection here.

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