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This website is intended to be the gateway to all of our websites covering our interests. It will also link to many other sites which complement our own sites.

We have moved

Although it should not look like it, we have moved this (and the Cowzer Family History) website. The address stays the same but we have moved to a new hosting company who provide some technical features that were not available to us on the previous host. Technically these are SSI and CGI, and with these we can do extra with the site. Once the serious work with the new site is completed I hope to implement some new features here and in the family history pages. In the meantime I have taken this opportunity to correct some of the broken links of the old site.

Cowzer Family History

This site is an attempt to uncover the family history of the cowzers. Apparently all the cowzers in Dublin are descended from Thomas Cowzer(married 1879) who came from Belfast, but recently we have made contact with Doreen Cowzer(last of the cowzer name in Belfast) who is in possession of the family bible, and this has traced the cowzers back to John Cowzer (born 1813) and who married in Tallow, Co. Waterford, before moving north. more....


Lorna's Wedding

Lorna's wedding to Graham Singleton on September 9, 2006 was a great day. Photos from the day. more....

Owen's Wedding

Owen's wedding to Emma Cuddihy on September 15, 2008 was a great day. Photos from the day. more....

Dundrum South Dublin AC

Dundrum South Dublin Athletic Club is the Athletic Club Website that we are currently building and managing. It contains very up to date club and athletics news and continues with some of the features originally developed for the Rathfarnham site. These include Race Time, Distance and Pace Calculator, a Calendar of Irish Athletics events (and it is the most up to date on the web). It is also built using a home developed content management system which facilitates easy updating of news and archives.

Future Plans

For a long time now I have planned to revise the Family History with all the additional information I have obtained over the years. I would also like to make the family tree structure a bit easier to view and maintain. I have lost of ideas and have begun working on some of them - making enough time available to see them through is the challenge.

My Vintage Bike

After my MR2 Sports Car, I decided that a late life crisis was in order (It was too late for me to have a second mid life crisis), so I decided to build a vintage bicycle to use in an event in Italy for old bikes and old guys - L'eroica. This involved buying a 1980 Peugeot CFX-10 racing bike frame (a true professional racing frame) and restoring it, and building it up with appropriate period correct components. It was both challenging and good fun. I learned a lot in the process and am now rewarded with a fabulous bike. Here is the story of the restoration more....

My Sports Car

I had a sports car, a 1993 Toyota MR2, mid-engined, black, and a two seater, (aka: my little black number, or, as my wife and kids described it : my mid life crisis). I kept it for 11 years (longest I've ever kept a car) and I really enjoyed it, and if it was a mid life crisis - it was a good crisis.. Troble was I was not driving it enough to justify keeping it, and when I retired I sold it. Truth be known, I preferred cycling in fine weather to driving. So it is gone, but here are a few photos of the car just to show "What a good mid-life crisis is like".... MR2....

Ireland Athletics Photo Gallery

As I regularly take photos of athletic events for the DSD AC website, but often only publish about 10% of them, I thought I would set up a site to contain all the photos I take. These may be of use to other clubs/athletes. I have increased the space available to this site, so can now keep photos for much longer periods. Hopefully these will provide a photographic history of many young Irish athletes. more....

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